Modernizing survey design & reporting

Vovici, an enterprise-level online survey tool, modernized their application design, which had evolved organically for years as more and more features were added. EightShapes designed a new user experience, bringing many contemporary interaction conventions to a complex interface.

Techniques used: collaborative brainstorming, usability testing, user interviews, visual design, interaction design, HTML/CSS templates

Design Challenge

Since the survey tool had grown organically over several years, many key features were buried and the tool was disorganized. The process for designing the survey was arduous and made it difficult to incorporate complex logic, for example. Packaging and distributing the survey was subject to opaque business rules. Though Vovici asked we address these challenges, they also recognized that competition from new online survey vendors meant they had to simplify the “new user experience.”


EightShapes provided Vovici with a platform for richer and satisfying interactions, significant visual style improvements, more usable workflows, a starter kit of HTML & CSS templates – all without the need for extensive changes to the data model underneath.

Our improvements to the user experience addressed:

  • First time use: The initial screen after logging in was simplified to communicate application purpose first and foremost, highlighting the most common action (Design a Survey from Scratch) on the lower right, and still providing access to other areas (such as settings and account).
  • Survey design: Polished interactions enable you to see your question form as you type, toolbars provide quick access to common tasks, and panels and dialogs progressively expose powerful features to enrich your survey.
  • Survey distribution: In the new workflow, distribution method follows design via a choice supported by helpful text. Usability testing revealed that the shift was just what authors wanted, and the layout far more clearly distinguished this vital choice.
  • Results monitoring: A new, dedicated “Distribute” centralized participant tracking, schedule updates, invite distribution, and a clear button for authors to turn the survey on and off.