One Brand, One Vision, One System: On the role of design systems

Seeing designers from Vimeo, PBS Kids, and Marvel at Thursday night’s One Brand, One Vision event was a treat. It’s gratifying for designers of all stripes to hear about the trials and tribulations of being embedded in such an organization. The weight of the intellectual property or the service combined with the prominence of the […]

Working Vocabulary: Responsive Grid Behaviors

Responsive web design needs a vocabulary: a set of terms to describe how interfaces flex, transform, and adapt across displays. While prototypes demonstrate complex behaviors, designers working on the responsive web don’t have a common language to discuss and critique those behaviors outside the code. Perhaps you’ve heard comments like these: “This thing needs to […]

Maintaining Trust in Coworking Settings

While coworking can mitigate some issues surrounding working remotely, it also comes with its own risks. Such shared settings challenge your productivity, your coworker’s trust, and your employer’s security.

Where’s My New Prototype?: 8 Tips for Mitigating HTML Prototyping Startup Costs

Compared to wireframes, HTML prototypes – especially for first-timers – can take more time to generate an initial set of ideas. However, if you reset expectations and consider impacts to your initial productivity, you’ll be better setup for the longer-term advantages of prototyping.

The Power of Sketches: How We Sold a Huge Project Shift with 5 Index Cards

Last year, EightShapes was engaged by The Heritage Foundation to create a publicly accessible online version of their published book, The Guide to the Constitution. A few weeks into the process, we’d brainstormed a bit and iterated a few times on a HTML prototype. The emerging design took a “classical” approach: home page with spotlights targeting […]

6 Tips for Organizing Sketched Artifacts

The more EightShapes sketches, the more we desire to retrieve and share those ideas later–to revisit abandoned, complex, or unrealistic notions of a better experience, to remind ourselves of passing ideas. Read on for six tips for organizing your sketched artwork.

3 Reasons to Start Sketchnoting

Sketchnoting can make designers better listeners and better explainers. It can help designers become more confident in their ability to express themselves visually.

Sneak Preview of Design Leadership Workshop at the IA Summit

Join Dan at the IA Summit for a workshop on Design Leadership. He’ll facilitate a conversation about how to manage conflict in creative environments and show you EightShapes’ innovative new game for encouraging your team to talk about difficult situations.

8 Project Management Resolutions for 2012

It’s never too late for a refresher on project management fundamentals. To get our projects done right, we over-communicate, establish a clear schedule, and prepare to adapt to new circumstances.

Getting Better Feedback: Questions, Preparation, and Attitude

Get great at getting feedback. Ask the right questions, introduce your design to invite conversation, and have the right attitude.